Jennifer Ferrell Will Not Move in Order to Seek Candidacy for NC House 36 in 2018

“A recent ruling by the Supreme Court solidified the NCGOP’s gerrymandered map for NC House 36, which cut out both potential Democratic opponents from this year’s race, in a brazen effort to protect 13-year incumbent Nelson Dollar. Despite this, Jen Ferrell looked into the option of moving her family back into the district.

However, after much prayer and consultation, she decided the relentless NCGOP scrutiny sure to head her way regardless of how many “i’s dotted or t’s” crossed would be detrimental to her family’s well-being.  As such, Jen will throw her full support behind the Democratic candidate who runs for HD 36.  She will remain active in her community, support neighborhood organizations and public schools, and continue speaking up for fair representation, access to health, a safe environment, and proper investment in infrastructure and economic development.

Jen truly believes that now is the time to stop partisan gerrymandering and bad policy in its tracks by coalescing behind this year’s Democratic candidate for HD 36.”

Feel free to reach out to speak further if you would like.  Thank you again for all you do!