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When is the right time to lead?

The time is now! Why should I wait to until my children are older? They are in public schools today. Why must our communities struggle to make ends meet? People are already working harder than ever to stretch their dollars.

Jen is the Voice We Need for our District

I have seen my neighbors’ voices ignored by the very people who are supposed to be listening. All my life I have voted my conscience and for individuals committed to moving our town, state, and nation forward, regardless of political affiliation. For the past few years, we have endured a disconnection between what happens in our government versus the reality of our daily lives: we have not been heard.

Vote Jen!

I invite you to join me in bringing our voices back to North Carolina House District 36. Together we will make a difference.


I am incredibly proud of the hard work we put into a well run, truthful and genuine race for NC House to serve all voices and for the right reasons. To our district Republicans that voted for me, thank you for crossing party line for the right reasons to do so. I/We tried our very best, as the 6th candidate to run against a well funded and entrenched 12 yr incumbent.

I couldn't have run the race I did without the love and support from my family and friends this entire year. Even when attacked for my constitutional rights, you stood with me. Parent friends who hadn't voted in years stepped up. With an approximate 1,400 vote difference we have to realize even more that every VOTE counts. We can register all the voters we possibly can, but as we see today, if they don't turn out to vote...we all lose.

If you'd like to help us by collecting our signs that are in good shape and delivering to my front porch I would be grateful. I left my opponent a voicemail this morning to congratulate him on his win, but added that constituents will still be holding him accountable these next two years. I will continue to have my hands directly involved in GOOD coming up, the only way I know how to move forward.



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