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Monday, February 19, 2018


Jennifer Ferrell Will Not Move in Order to Seek Candidacy for NC House 36 in 2018

“A recent ruling by the Supreme Court solidified the NCGOP’s gerrymandered map for NC House 36, which cut out both potential Democratic opponents from this year’s race, in a brazen effort to protect 13-year incumbent Nelson Dollar. Despite this, Jen Ferrell looked into the option of moving her family back into the district.

However, after much prayer and consultation, she decided the relentless NCGOP scrutiny sure to head her way regardless of how many “i’s dotted or t’s” crossed would be detrimental to her family’s well-being.  As such, Jen will throw her full support behind the Democratic candidate who runs for HD 36.  She will remain active in her community, support neighborhood organizations and public schools, and continue speaking up for fair representation, access to health, a safe environment, and proper investment in infrastructure and economic development.

Jen truly believes that now is the time to stop partisan gerrymandering and bad policy in its tracks by coalescing behind this year’s Democratic candidate for HD 36.”

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Monday, December 4, 2017


Jennifer Ferrell Announces Candidacy for NC House Against 13 Year Incumbent 

Jennifer Ferrell, 39, of Apex, will challenge 13-year incumbent Rep. Nelson Dollar for NC House 36. Ferrell narrowly lost one of the most competitive NC races in 2016, coming within 2.77% and approximately 1,400 out of 75k votes in the NC36 District. Located in SW Wake County, HD36 includes portions of Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, and Raleigh. Jen has twenty years of professional business development, research, and community outreach experience. She is passionate about advocating on behalf of the Western Wake community for all families and children.

“As a working mother, I am engaged and aware of the issues in our communities and schools. Over the last few years, I have enjoyed connecting with the people of our district and discussing the issues that matter to them. Meanwhile, the long time incumbent continues to be mostly non-existent and completely out of touch with our district,” says Ferrell.

She adds, “With Republican legislators wanting to enshrine their seats, it was telling when my particular precinct was targeted to be drawn out on the proposed NCGA maps. I told friends and supporters for months that regardless of the map’s outcome, I would move back into NC36 if necessary to run again in 2018. Now that the Special Master’s final draft includes my precinct staying in place, I’m confident our district will remain the same. I am committed to serving HD36, and I will make it official during the February 2018 candidate filing period.”

Jen graduated from Elon University, with a BA in political science and public administration. She and husband Chris are 12-year Apex residents, raising their eight-year-old twins in the surrounding community. Jen actively serves as Advocacy Chair for her children’s elementary PTA, on her HOA board, and as a Cary Chamber of Commerce member.  She is also the editor of the Cary Chamber’s neighborhood publication, and enjoys directly working with members of the small business community in her current job.

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