Issues That Matter



Jen is committed to strengthening public education in North Carolina. As a mother with two kids in public school, Jen has seen first-hand how tax cuts for the wealthy have come at the expense of our students and teachers. Jen will fight to give our educators the tools they need to help our children compete in a 21st century economy by:

  • Reinstating the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program to develop and retain top talent in our schools
  • Restoring the tax deduction for 529 college plans to make college more accessible and affordable
  • Raising teacher pay and per pupil spending to the national average. North Carolina is the 9th largest state, but ranks 41st and 44th in teacher pay and per pupil spending, respectively
  • Redirecting our tax dollars to pay for updated textbooks instead of tax giveaways for millionaires


It’s time to put politics aside and do what’s right for the people of North Carolina. Jen understands that healthcare isn’t just a privilege for a wealthy few, it’s a necessity for working families. And with healthcare costs rising, Jen knows that it’s more important than ever to make sure that all North Carolinians have access to high quality, affordable healthcare. Jen will advocate for increased access and affordability by:

  • Expanding Medicaid to inject $15 billion into our state’s economy and create 43,000 new jobs: Accepting Medicaid expansion would expand coverage to 500,000 North Carolinians and lower healthcare costs for everyone
  • Investing in biomedical research to strengthen our diverse economy
  • Protecting a woman’s right to choose and keeping politicians from interfering with personal health decisions


After getting hit hard by the Great Recession, our community is starting to feel the effects of the economic recovery. But many North Carolinians have yet to feel a sense of renewed prosperity. As the mother of a middle-class family, Jen understands the financial hardships our friends and neighbors have endured. That’s why she’s dedicated to building an economy that works for all, not just a wealthy few. As your state representative, Jen will work to:

  • Reinstate the Earned Income Tax Credit to put more money in the pockets of working families
  • Create an equitable income tax structure and reduce sales taxes on everyday goods and services

Common Sense Solutions

Jen was raised in a Republican household, and understands the importance of finding common ground on policies to strengthen our communities. As a volunteer with local civic and advocacy organizations, Jen has heard firsthand from people of all walks of life about the important issues at stake in the Tar Heel State. That’s why Jen will work hard for solutions that benefit all North Carolinians and move our state forward such as:

  • Restoring and protecting local municipal control
  • Championing non-partisan redistricting to ensure that our voices are heard
  • Expanding access to early voting to allow all citizens to participate in our democracy

Join us as we work to bring new leadership to the General Assembly and build a North Carolina that works for all.