About Jen


From a very early age my parents showed me the value of public service. They taught me to speak up when someone is being hurt, lend a hand when someone needs help, leave things a little better than how I found them, work hard for every opportunity, and hold the ladder for the next person to find success. I learned much about serving people’s needs from my father, who spent 12 years working as a school board member, and my mother, who was a public school teacher in my Virginia hometown. Their lessons and their values helped shape the person I am today.

In 2007 my husband Chris and I moved to Apex, NC. We wanted to start a family and were drawn to Apex’s charm, quality of life and strong local schools.  Soon after relocating my job, like so many here in North Carolina, was eliminated in the Great Recession.  On the heels of this job loss, Chris and I learned we were expecting twins.  As our income shrank our family doubled in size. After the birth of our son and daughter, Chris worked more hours than ever to make ends meet. We all made do with less and I focused on caring for the twins, working hard to find employment, and juggling childcare.

With children of my own I became more attuned to the needs of public schools, child safety, and healthcare access.  Drawing from the lessons I learned from my parents, I began addressing the problems I saw and actively working to find solutions.  A proud Democrat, I was reared in a Republican household. I value working with people who hold different points-of-view from my own and understand the importance of collaborating to find the best ideas.  By the time my children were three years old, I had embraced my role as a voice for fair, straightforward, and common-sense answers to many problems faced by Western Wake County residents.

A passionate proponent of the importance of education, I have led efforts to restore financial support and respect for our public schools, community colleges, and universities.  I believe our students, teachers, and state deserve the best.  I am committed to safeguarding North Carolina’s natural environment, protecting workers, ensuring reproductive health rights, reducing gun violence, and supporting small businesses. No one will fight harder to make sure every voice is heard and every vote is counted in our state.

In addition to working with citizens’ groups throughout the Triangle, I have years of private-sector business experience in research analysis, sales, and business development. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Elon University in 2001, majoring in Political Science and Public Administration.

I live in Apex with my husband and two children.

Why I’m Running

We ran a strong grassroots campaign in 2016 connecting with voters across our NC House 36 district on policy issues that matter to our families. I came within 1,400 votes (2.77%) of winning that election against a now 13-year incumbent, who continues to ignore constituent voices as his actions speak louder than words on campaign mail. I’m running again in 2018 for the opportunity to serve our district by listening and acting on behalf of our neighbors. 

I’m an engaged and active citizen in our Western Wake community. For the past few years, I have routinely visited the NC General Assembly to learn and listen.  I have sat in the galleries to observe the super majority’s misguided legislative priorities. I spent time and effort to speak with legislators, urging them not to head down the regressive path they have followed. I’ve also been visiting with neighbors on their front porches across our district for years now, with the best part being finding common ground.

My passion is to spend time advocating for policy issues that are important to families in our district. Whether in my neighborhood, church or children’s school, the fight for public education continues to push me towards a path of public service. In order to remain in the state we love, to raise our family, my decision to run again – to serve for the right reasons, is guiding me to make a difference for policy in North Carolina.

I invite you to join me, and together, we will bring our voices back to North Carolina House District 36.   Read my announcement here: https://www.jenferrellnc36.com/in-the-news/