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November 6, 2016

I am writing to refute the outrageous TV ad my opponent Nelson Dollar has up in a slanderous way. Calling into question my parenting with a lie that I bragged about my act of civil disobedience to my children. He should be ashamed of himself as my just & constitutional actions were to speak out and shine a light on the unconstitutional laws being passed in 2013. On behalf of thousands & in solidarity with quite a number of our constituents I’ve been finding.
He then switches up his ad to lift himself up with the blatant lie that’s he’s voted to put more resources in the classroom. He voted in favor of $10 million as a start (and increasing annually) towards private school vouchers, directly pulling funds out of our schools. He crafted the budget cutting 7k TA’s in 2013, which we see play out in our schools daily. With a TA per two classes & 50+ children, custodial cleaning (work hours cut), outdated & shortage of textbooks. Basics like paper. Let this be the year voters wake up even more to the gross misuse of state & local campaign funds and the truth of policy in NC.

September 26, 2016


I believe in the intrinsic value of all humanity and want to explain my attendance at Moral Monday protests by clarifying the importance of citizens using their First Amendment Rights to express displeasure with a constant stream of regressive legislation passed by the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) in recent years.

Legislation that had been recently passed by the NCGA in early 2013 made me realize the importance of advocating for more sensible laws that protect rather than harm our citizens. Public education and its proper funding; the ability for women to make their own, private, health decisions; laws that create jobs and stimulate our economy; and tax cuts for the middle class, instead of the state’s wealthiest individuals, are the issues that I was standing up for during that Moral Monday march. These are the types of issues that I will support every day of my life, including as the next NC 36 House Representative.

I, along with thousands of North Carolinians, participated in the Moral Monday protests. As part of that protest in June 2013 I was arrested for civil disobedience – along with hundreds of others that night and thousands of others over the course of the protest. I stood with others in opposition to cutting public education, limiting access to women’s health and raising taxes on middle class families to fund tax giveaways for special interests. These are mainstream values. This case and all charges were dropped in September 2014, along with hundreds of other participants on the same day.

I am committed to this campaign and working every day to be sure we are successful on Election Day. That said, I’ve seen what campaigns can turn into when the incumbent gets desperate – false attacks that attempt to buy votes by misleading the public. If Rep. Dollar follows the standard Republican playbook, voters will see ads claiming I have been arrested for trespassing and support millions in new taxes and spending. Before those ads start I wanted to take an opportunity to talk directly to the voters and tell them the truth.

I always have and always will fight for the issues I care about. When I see the state so many of us love headed in the wrong direction, I refuse to sit on the sidelines. It’s why I’m running for NC House and why my campaign is growing each and every day. While the actions of our current NCGA have created the necessity for Moral Monday marches, it’s time for our citizens to use their voting voices as we replace this harmful and regressive legislative body with people who’ll look out for North Carolina’s interests. And when we vote this fall, we can hopefully eliminate the need for Moral Mondays.

North Carolina House 36 covers Apex, Cary, portions of Holly Springs and Swift Creek into Garner. Additional information about Jen Ferrell can be found at

July 20th, 2016

Ferrell Leads Dollar in Number of Donors during Second QuarterAPEX, N.C. – Democratic challenger Jen Ferrell of Apex leads Republican Rep. Nelson Dollar in the number of donors to her campaign. As of the most recent fundraising deadline, Ferrell had reported over 200 unique donors for the second quarter while Dollar had fewer than 100. “We are thrilled to have more than double number of contributors to our campaign than our opponent. It’s clear that voters in Southwestern Wake County are unhappy with the direction of our state, and we’re excited to bring new leadership to House District 36 in November,” said Ferrell.

Ferrell’s campaign also leads Dollar’s in the amount of money raised from individuals. Over 50% of Dollar’s fundraising this past quarter came from political action committees and other career politicians. “While my opponent takes tens of thousands of dollars from PACs and out-of-state special interests, we are proud that over 95% of our money has come from individuals this quarter, with an average contribution of under $100,” declared Ferrell.

With Election Day fewer than four months away, Ferrell heads into the fall campaign with momentum and a large donor base that is able to contribute additional funds. Despite six terms in the North Carolina House under his belt, Nelson Dollar clearly has a real fight on his hands.

July 5, 2016

Ferrell Points to Damage in Rep. Dollar’s Budget

RALEIGH, NC – Democratic challenger Jen Ferrell of Apex takes issue with career politician Nelson Dollar’s proud description of his budget that passed on the last day of the legislative session. “NC House budget writer Nelson Dollar and his colleagues have made an election year show of giving only some teachers a pay increase while failing to address the systemic issues that plague public education,” said Ferrell.

Teacher salaries and per pupil spending are still below pre-recession levels when adjusted for inflation. Money taken from public schools in order to provide tax breaks for the wealthy was also not restored. “Textbooks, classroom supplies, and other materials for which teachers pay out-of-pocket remain drastically underfunded. By shifting $34 million of taxpayer money to pay for private school vouchers, Rep. Dollar is further depriving educators of the resources they need to prepare our children to compete in a 21st century economy,” Ferrell adds.

And it’s not just educators who feel the stinging neglect of Rep. Dollar’s callous, regressive policies. His refusal to scale back burdensome sales taxes on everyday services and to reinstate the Earned Income Tax Credit keeps money out of the pockets of middle class families. Among the many insults in this budget is the decision to take $500,000 out of the Disaster Relief Fund to hire outside counsel to defend House Bill 2. This just goes to show my opponent is more concerned with promoting bigoted, jobs killing legislation than protecting North Carolinians.

With so many of our friends and neighbors striving to make ends meet, we simply cannot afford this kind of reckless financial management. It is clear that we need to chart a new course for North Carolina. “When it comes to leadership that protects public education and builds an economy that works for all North Carolinians”, says Ferrell, “my opponent is a day late and a dollar short.”



Raleigh visitors bureau says HB2 is affecting Wake economy

Perhaps this needs to hit legislators in the campaign pocketbook in order for it to sink in? Will corporations, associations & PACs reign in their contributing to the endless career politicians to help the people curb policy mayhem?

Sound like a good plan to make up the lost revenue for Wake County? Just wait & hope? No. No it doesn’t. ‪#‎RepealHB2‬

“In many instances when you have dates open up, you have other groups interested in coming in and taking those dates,” said Rep. Nelson Dollar, a Cary Republican.”





The Republican-led General Assembly called itself back into a Special Session on Wednesday, March 24 to take up what they claimed was the “emergent issue” of bathroom enforcement in North Carolina. It took them only 1 day, and $42,000 in taxpayer money, to write and enact the most extreme anti-LGBT legislation in the nation. Gov. Pat McCrory quickly complied and signed it into law that evening.

“This is why I am running to replace incumbent Rep. Nelson Dollar,” said Democratic candidate Jen Ferrell. “Republicans would do well to move as swiftly and efficiently to: restore our investment in public education; respect teachers, expand Medicaid; return unemployment benefits; stop voter suppression and reinstate the ability of municipalities to know what is best for their community. For each one of these transgressions and more, the GOP deserves all the credit,” added Ferrell.

This shameful step, surely to be challenged in court, removes the right of NC residents to sue in state court for claims of discrimination. If you are fired because of your race, gender or religion, your only option now is the Federal Court.

Tara Borelli, Senior Attorney with Lambda Legal said, ”This law is in direct conflict with protections provided to students under Title IX and could cause the state to lose billions in federal funds.

Before the Session, Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Wake) told CBS North Carolina that the legislation under consideration could affect what abilities local governments have to set various policies. Specifically, he mentioned minimum wage. “What we do not need to do is have a patchwork of ordinances around the state that really disrupt business and jobs,” Dollar said. He also called the ordinance Charlotte passed “really not lawful.”

“The business community would appear to disagree with Rep. Dollar,” noted Ferrell. Red Hat, Bayer and Biogen all denounced this legislation on Twitter. The NCAA and the NBA also expressed “deep concern” since the law “runs counter” to their values and principles.



NC Rep. Dollar spends $230K to defeat challenger

“Ferrell, 37, a former Apex Town Council candidate, defeated Woodie Cleary, 61, a retired N.C. Department of Revenue cyber security expert, Tuesday with 7,862 votes or 75 percent of the vote. Cleary had 2,577 votes, or 25 percent.

“I’m extremely pleased with the outcome,” Ferrell said Wednesday. “A lot of people are ready for the 12-year, six-term incumbent to be out of his seat.”



Rep. Dollar Open to Special Session on Restrooms in Another Potential NCGA Power Grab

Republican NC 36 Rep. Nelson Dollar thinks it is just fine to spend $50,000 per day of taxpayer money on a Special Session to discuss Charlotte’s bathroom ordinance that was passed last week.

Dollar told WRAL: “…cities don’t have the authority to pass an ordinance like Charlotte’s. The issue for the General Assembly is the broader issue of a local municipality deciding to regulate in areas of health and safety that are simply not in their purview.” He added that he’s open both to a special session or waiting until the regular session to legislate on this municipal matter.

NC has real problems – mostly created by the NCGA majority – that need to be addressed. Why would Nelson Dollar waste our time and money on a solution looking for a problem and weigh in on municipal policy outside of the NC 36 District?

Instead of meddling in municipal affairs, why not convene a special session in the NCGA to address these real issues affecting our state right now: increasing teacher pay to the national average, funding 7K teaching assistants cut in 2013, raising per-pupil expenditures that are currently among the lowest in the U.S., and expanding Medicaid for 500K working, uninsured North Carolinians?

Social, regressive policy restricting the rights of anyone in this state need not be discussed in our state legislature, yet we are witnessing a continuation of such policy priorities. If ever you needed to VOTE in your lifetime in North Carolina, 2016 is THE YEAR to make sure that you do.


“A member of the last graduating class of Elon College and the student group that worked with the first Elon Poll, Ferrell spent time on unemployment and saw how the decision to eliminate Pre-K services brought adverse effects to her twins and their classmates. That’s all on her mind as she campaigns for the seat in District 36, located southwest of Raleigh.

“As a 37-year-old mom, I strongly feel I can connect to parents across all political spectrums going into November on issues of public education, economic security and jobs and to get these parents out there that are not voting,” Ferrell said.

At 37, she’s the youngest woman running for a state legislative seat in North Carolina, and she’ll go up against Woodie Cleary in the Democratic Primary March 15. The incumbent, Republican Nelson Dollar, has served for 12 years.

Ferrell, originally from Northern Virginia, was laid off the day before the 2008 election from a Goldman Sachs-funded energy tech startup in Raleigh. Pregnant with twins, Ferrell was on unemployment for eight months and ultimately decided not to look for a job so she could stay home to care for her twins.

“That was a turning point for me,” Ferrell said. “The policy started to directly affect me.”


The daughter of a teacher and a former Virginia county school board member, Ferrell’s top priority is education. She hopes to prevent further cuts to resources and, particularly, teaching assistants.

“Teaching resources like textbooks and desks – basics – we have a lack of,” she said. “My position is to fully fund all those resources where we can.”

Ferrell opposes recent state law changes regarding women’s health choices, including one enacted this year that requires doctors who perform an abortion after the 16th week of pregnancy to send an ultrasound image to state officials.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jen Ferrell Campaign Buoyed by Two Key Endorsements

RWCA and Triangle Labor Council Support NC House Candidate

Apex, NC – Jen Ferrell, candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives, received a huge boost to her campaign for the Democratic nomination for NC House of Representatives in HD36 by winning endorsements from the Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association, as well as the Triangle Labor Council, NC AFL-CIO.  She is the only candidate in the race to have received any endorsements so far.

“I am honored to have earned the support of these two respected organizations,” said Ferrell.  Both organizations stand for the principle of equal opportunity for all citizens, and they each have a proud history of achieving results through civic involvement.  The RWCA epitomizes the values that I want to take to the North Carolina House of Representatives.  These include equality, fairness, and respect for all North Carolina citizens.  The Triangle Labor Council, NC AFL-CIO shares my dedication to protecting the middle class.  Supporting the middle class and providing access to better jobs and opportunities are priorities for me.”

The Democratic Primary is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, March 15, 2016, and the general election will take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  HD36 is located in southwestern Wake County.  Republican Nelson Dollar is the incumbent in the district.

Jen Ferrell lives in Apex, NC with her husband and their two children.

Her campaign website is